Industrial poetry

From fuseproject : Everyone hates to lose their stuff. Especially us creatives! So when Tile partnered with fuseproject for their next series of devices it was a fast and creative partnership. The value of Tile is clear, as we have all lost items of value such as electronics, articles of clothing, or luggage…and we also struggle daily with finding our keys, wallets and phones. With the Tile team of engineers and developers, we explored new form factors that reflect everyday use cases. For example, what would be the ideal Tile form factor for the worst things to lose, such as a wallet or passport? Or what is the best location for a Tile device stored in a purse or jacket? These are the questions we set out to answer with the design of the new Tile products.

Designed at fuseproject, under creative direction of Yves Béhar.

fuseproject : The August Home Access System completely transforms the way we experience home entry. The system includes the August Smart Lock, newly updated to be enabled with HomeKit, the August Doorbell Cam, and the August Smart Keypad. The entire ecosystem also enables the August Access platform, in which 3rd party home services can coordinate home access directly with the homeowner through the August app.

Designed at fuseproject in collaboration with Arthur Kenzo, under creative direction of Yves Béhar.

At only eight centimeters by eight centimeters, le CubeS is truly a feat of design and technology. Its matte black surface hide an invisible, high quality and full color display, dissolving the line between screen and product. The top of the cube highlights a beautiful textured pattern of opposing perpendicular lines, cognizant of Canal+ iconic interface.

Designed at fuseproject in collaboration with Willy Carteau, under creative direction of Yves Béhar.

From Fuseproject: The core of UP move is the pod – a TR90 nylon, compact, circular piece that fits into your pocket, or the corresponding clips or bands. The pod is waterproof with patterned etching on top – different patterns depending on color, but all divided by 12 sections with discreet LED lights to tell time with the push of an invisible button on top. The clips and bands come in a variety of bright colors to allow for customization, allowing you to pick and choose to match your style. TPU rubber material maximizes flexibility of use – it’s comfortable for sleep, and sweat resistant for your workouts. A unique side entry clasp was designed to allow for it to be one-size-fits-all. With a replaceable battery that lasts for months at a time, UP Move is a seamless product to integrate into your life.

Team: Erik Kreider, Alex Farrow, Casey Lewis, Valentin Sollier. Under creative direction of Yves Béhar and Qin Li

All works © Valentin Sollier 2018.
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